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What coin should I buy?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Over the years, I have seen so many whales or day traders on twitter say they are not offering investment advice and say they don't want to discuss or recommend coins. To the point of their utter frustration.

I get that this is a wise pov for many reasons but mainly: do we want a good coin, ram raded like a wallstreetbets trader and pushed into a pointless bubble? Probably not. However, I also do not want people who know and trust me and my opinion jumping into doge or shiba inu with no thought and no wish to understand the markets except a lot of people are getting rich so they should jump on the boat.

As we know boats sink and I keep doge and shiba inu for two reasons only. 1. They are fun coins to give to friends and family to test with: low cost and cute. I always recommend using say Coinbase to start and something like to send coins back and forward - just to get the concept. (Another good start is to download the Metamask app and to look at the top left for the different options like browsing. I have shown a few people and they really have no idea it has so many uses. 2. Shiba inu I have just because meme coins were experiencing a wild ride with unpredictable outcomes. It seemed like it was worth a punt buying and holding some. (Yes I do know the term hodl).

So here is my pov. Even Morgan Stanley have in their latest 45 page report published on Linkedin about NFT's pegged gaming coins like Axs from Axie Infinity and Sand from the Sandbox. The FT have named Solana (Sol) and Polygon (Matic).

However they are now pretty expensive ie it is better to get in early at cheaper rates and buy larger amounts as I did with Sol. For me once a coin starts to hit the £5 price (Axie coin currently at around $98) it is going to be very difficult to buy quantities to make money (and I make sure I buy at least 350 of anything unless I really did miss out on something and am doing a total #fomo play).

So the upshot is, after bitcoin, you can never have enough Eth from Ethereum, then the same with Sol. Then go else where. My bet is on gaming coins where there is a natural home for crypto token activity. Whatever you decide, it is really important to actually download a wallet or two and get the concept first. Getting involved with something that you don't have time for and see a wall of white noise is just going to lead to an out of wallet experience.

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