Zee West: A new type of company: No HQ - officially

Updated: Sep 2

Binance is a crypto exchange with a founder CZ who has most recently hit the news because as crypto has come under focus, he has had governments across the world imposing a ban on his operations or denying he has a company registration or head offices at their location including Malta where many believed Binance was based. Although I am no clearer to knowing what the answer is to Binance's head quarters or any physical location, maybe the recent direct listing of Coinbase holds a clue: Coinbase are now a decentralised company with no headquarters. If you read their blog they explain that the pandemic changed the location of the majority of their staff away from San Francisco and WFH has worked out for them. The fact that Coinbase jumped through all the regulations which would seem to be stacked against a fully crypto organisation (they have a wallet to buy, sell, hold and lend crypto) and managed to list as a public company on the stock market stating implicitly that they had no headquarters offers a hint at a trend that maybe was not so trendy in crypto but a day to day fact. If your whole world is virtual, your location is your laptop, whether that be in Starbucks or a posh St Regis Hotel. CZ could have stood up and done some decent explanation which was similar but didn't, which is on him. Instead he is pushing through a series of PR black marks. My point is, it has now been made acceptable to have no head office. I wonder how long that will take for the rest of the world to feel comfortable with that?

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